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Capricorn Pastoral is the leading Australian supplier and exporter of Live Goats, Boer Goats, Dairy Goats. We specialise in the sourcing of high quality goats for breeding, dairy and meat.

We supply Fast delivery Via Air and provide you with an animal replacement guarantee


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Capricorn Pastoral is the trusted name in all aspects of export marketing within the Australian goat industry. The business has a proud and successful history of marketing all types of goats into the export industry. Our preferred methodology is live export via air freight.

Australia largest live goat exporter, we expect all breeds and types of goats. Due to this commercial negotiations apply and the larger the orders the better pricing for export goats gets. Export goats are arranged through our operations near Dubbo in regional NSW.

Our target markets are Asian and Arabic countries that have a preference for goat meat. Our business is currently very strong with regular monthly shipments by air. We prefer air freight as it delivers the animals quickly and this reduces the stress on the animals.


If you are an overseas meat wholesaler looking to import goats from australia please contact us by email.




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